Normann Staffing Partners with Seraphim Wood to Bring Affordable Benefits to their Employees

We’d like to take a moment to highlight one of Normann Staffing’s valued local partners, Seraphim Wood, who has helped us to bring affordable and accessible benefits to all of our employees.

Seraphim Wood is a “Voluntary Benefits Broker” and holds the title, “Special Projects Coordinator” at Aflac Rockland (Rockland County, New York). He works closely with business owners and HR Professionals to help provide much needed employee benefits at absolutely no cost to the companies he is in contact with. The employee funded benefits offered by Aflac help people financially navigate through the murky waters of the current health care reform environment that is so difficult to understand.

In order to address the many needs of various employers and employees, Seraphim also partners with several other companies providing supplemental benefits. These include Transamerica Life Insurance, Delta Dental, VSP Vision, AllyHealth Telemedicine and 1Dental Discount Plans. This ensures Seraphim will be able to find ways to address the unique and individual needs of each client he works with, finding real (and affordable) solutions for all!

Prior to his work in the Insurance Industry providing people with funds in their times of need, Seraphim worked in the nonprofit sector on an international level.

Seraphim has a proven record of achievements that evidence advanced organizational and managerial skills. Of no less significance, he is fully bilingual and bicultural, able to interact with native English and Russian speakers on an equal footing, which enables him to identify and address cultural barriers that might hinder reaching mutual understanding.

For more information about the benefit plans Seraphim offers, visit his website at: