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Normann Staffing has been connecting the Hudson Valley’s top companies with the skilled professionals they need for more than 40 years. When you partner with us, you’re getting more than a staffing vendor. You’re getting a long-term partner, someone who understands your needs and is committed to perfect-fit matching and unwavering customer service. We offer something the large, corporate staffing firms can’t: the personal touch that comes from living and working in the same community as you. That’s why we say that people make the difference.

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Our Services

Normann Staffing is proud to offer a variety of services to best serve our clients’ needs:

Temporary Staffing
Adapt to changes in demand by utilizing temporary staff. Fill in for absences and cover skills gaps while keeping costs down and production up.
Temp-to-Hire Staffing
Avoid the costs of a bad hire by evaluating an employee on the job. Then, let us know if you’d like to extend a full-time employment offer.
Direct Hire
Simplify and streamline your search for top talent in the region. Let us source and screen full-time candidates for your open roles.
When it’s time to add to your leadership team, we’ll source proven professionals from our pool of active and passive candidates. You don’t owe anything until a successful match is made.
Place the employees you choose on Normann Staffing’s payroll. We’ll take care of benefits, workers’ compensation, paycheck distribution, and more.


What happens after Normann Staffing places an employee at our business/organization?

At Normann Staffing, success does stop when we place someone in a position. Success is achieved when that associate is working effectively for you. We call this Results Oriented Staffing. To ensure that the results you require are achieved, we will:

On the first day, shortly after the assignment is scheduled to start, our Staffing Specialist will contact your designated manager or supervisor and confirm that your Normann Staffing employee has arrived on time.

Quality Control
Toward the end of the first day of the assignment or beginning of the second day, our Staffing Specialist will contact your manager or supervisor to verify that skills and performance have met with your expectations.

Throughout the assignment, our Staffing Specialist will contact your manager or supervisor to assess your continued satisfaction with the performance, productivity, attendance, and quality of work by the Normann Staffing associate or associates. Your feedback is valued tremendously and allows us to develop a greater understanding of your company’s staffing needs as well as helping us improve the quality of service we provide you.

Exit Interviews
At the conclusion of every assignment, exit interviews are conducted with each supervisor and temporary employee. The exit interview findings provide valuable information for understanding and improving screening, selection and retention of quality temporary employees as well as understanding the needs of our clients.

What are your payment terms?

Each week, you will receive an invoice for the hours worked by your Normann Staffing temporary associate during the previous week based on the approved timesheet that was submitted. Because our invoices are labor invoices, we ask that payment be remitted upon receipt of our invoice but allow our customers up to 30 days to remit payment.

The payment terms are a function of Normann Staffing’s weekly payroll policy. At the end of each Monday-Sunday payroll week, the employee will submit a completed Normann Staffing timesheet for your review and approval. The employee then sends the approved timesheet to Normann Staffing, and first thing Monday morning, from this approved timesheet we generate our payroll and billing for the prior week.

How do you deal with confidentiality?

Normann Staffing’s reputation as the premier employment agency in the Hudson Valley is, in part, built on the firm’s reputation for trustworthiness, discretion and confidentiality ─ from the professionals who work with clients and associates who work for the clients. Clients return decade after decade having learned that Normann Staffing understands cultural sensitivities and personal conditions of the work environment, and in so doing recruits associates who will “fit” and serve reliably. Both associates as well as Normann Staffing professionals sign non-disclosure agreements to maintain the confidentiality our clients deserve.

Normann Staffing complies with all requirements for privacy of client and patient information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966. Upon termination of an assignment or whenever requested, Normann Staffing will return to clients all materials containing proprietary information.

Is Normann Staffing Bonded and Insured?
Yes. We are both bonded and insured. Normann Staffing is solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and other statutory or contractual obligations including workers’ compensation, disability and unemployment insurance benefits for all temporary employees provided by Normann Staffing. Normann Staffing maintains a general liability policy, a professional liability policy, EPLI and D&O coverages to ensure our clients and our employees are covered.

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