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Temporary and permanent staffing services in the Hudson Valley.

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Normann Staffing is proud to offer a variety of staffing services for organizations in New York’s Hudson Valley.

What takes place after Normann Staffing places someone in our firm?

At Normann Staffing, success does not mean just placing someone in a position. Success is achieved when that associate is working effectively for you. We call this Results Oriented Staffing. To ensure that the results you require are achieved, we develop a plan that best suits your schedule. Following is one format that has worked well:


Check In

On the first day, shortly after the assignment is scheduled to start, our Staffing Specialist contacts your designated manager or supervisor and confirms that your Normann Staffing employee has arrived on time.


Quality Control

Toward the end of the first day of the assignment or beginning of the second day, our Staffing Specialist will contact your manager or supervisor to verify that skills and performance have met with your expectations.



During the first week, our Staffing Specialist will contact your manager or supervisor to assess your continued satisfaction with the performance, productivity, attendance, and quality of work by the Normann Staffing associate or associates.


Temporary Associate Performance Review Evaluations

The performance evaluation is designed to ensure that our clients maintain only top-quality employees and temporary associates are justly compensated for their performance level. In addition to our progress checks during the assignment you will receive an evaluation from us upon completion of your temporary job. This will give you an opportunity to let us know your level of satisfaction with our employee in several areas including attendance, performance, attitude, quality of work, and more. Your feedback is valued tremendously and allows us to develop a greater understanding of your company’s staffing needs as well as helping us improve the quality of service we provide you.


Exit Interviews

At the conclusion of every assignment, exit interviews are conducted with each temporary associate. The exit interview findings provide valuable information for understanding and improving screening, selection and retention of quality temporary associates.

What is your overtime policy?
Overtime is any time worked within a single payroll week that exceeds 40 hours. We pay the associate and invoice clients for overtime at time and a half. Our payroll week is Monday to Sunday.
What is your break-time policy?
In compliance with NYS labor laws, all Normann employees will be entitled to one 30-minute meal break for every shift exceeding 6 hours. 
What if there is an accident or an incident on the jobsite? 
Clients agree to notify Normann Staffing immediately of any incidents or injuries occur on the worksite involving a Normann employee. To continue receiving the superior customer service and quality staffing that Normann Staffing clients have come to rely on, please notify us as soon as possible of any problems or concerns that may arise.
What are your terms of payment?
Each week, you will receive an invoice for the hours worked by your Normann Staffing temporary associate during the previous week. Because our invoices are labor invoices, we ask that payment be remitted upon receipt of our invoice. Payments received later than 30 days are subject to a late fee. The payment terms are a function of Normann Staffing’s weekly payroll policy. We offer associates the benefit of same week pay. At the end of each Monday-Sunday payroll week, the employee will submit a completed Normann Staffing timesheet for your review and approval. The employee then sends the approved timesheet to Normann Staffing, and from this approved timesheet, we generate our payroll and billing.
Tell me how you deal with confidentiality.
Normann Staffing’s reputation as the premier employment agency in the Hudson Valley is, in part, built on the firm’s reputation for trustworthiness, discretion and confidentiality ─ from the professionals who work with clients and associates who work for the clients. Clients return decade after decade having learned that Normann Staffing understands cultural sensitivities and personal conditions of the work environment, and in so doing recruits associates who will “fit” and serve reliably. Associates and Normann Staffing professionals sign non-disclosure agreements. Normann Staffing complies with all requirements for privacy of client and patient information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966. Upon termination of an assignment or whenever requested, Normann Staffing will return to clients all materials containing proprietary information.
Is Normann Staffing bonded or insured?

Both. Normann Staffing is solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and other statutory or contractual obligations including workers compensation, disability and unemployment insurance benefits for all temporary employees provided by Normann Staffing. Normann Staffing maintains a general liability policy, a professional liability policy, errors & omissions policy and a crime policy.

How does the process work? What happens when we contact you? 

The process begins with an initial intake briefing, identifying and clarifying your needs. You will receive a Normann Staffing contract which outlines our services, rates, and, when applicable, permanent placement fees. 

The Normann Staffing professional team reviews the pretested, qualified personnel from which we select employees that are a perfect fit for your company’s needs. In recruiting for unique positions requiring specialized skills, education, or experience, we undertake a strategic customized search for qualified candidates.

Candidates are recommended and, upon request, we will submit you candidates’ resumes or schedule interviews if you would like to assess candidates in person.

Upon acceptance of our candidate, if any additional screening, orientation, or paperwork is required, we coordinate and execute the completion of these requirements as per your requirements.

With your final acceptance, the Normann Staffing associates are dispatched.

You will find the engagement process to be fast, painless and uncomplicated.

How does Normann Staffing charge for its services?

There is a fee structure for both temporary and permanent placements.

Temporary Fees

Temporary associates are billed at an hourly rate. Since each placement is unique, the hourly rate is determined on a case-by-case basis using a customized formula that takes into account the job description, skills and experience required, as well as our costs, including all payroll taxes, insurances, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and employee benefits. This approach enables Normann Staffing to offer you the best possible rates without sacrificing the quality of our employees. 

Permanent Fees

Permanent placement fees apply only when you hire a Normann Staffing temporary employee permanently. We refer to this type of placement as a “Temp-to-Perm” hire. You will be provided a separate pricing structure which you will review and approve.

This is a perfect way to “test out” an employee before you commit to making them a permanent member of your staff. If you decide to make your temporary Normann employee one of your permanent staff members, you will have several options:   

  • Each client contract contains a set number of hours that our temporary employee must work before you are able to hire them permanently without a fee.
  • You may choose to have your Normann Staffing temp continue working as a Normann Staffing employee until the hours have been worked off, at which time you are free to hire that employee at no additional cost to you.
  • Or you may choose to hire our employee permanently before they have met their required number of hours, in which case there would be a reduced permanent placement fee, prorated based on the amount of hours the Normann Staffing employee has worked for you thus far. The choice is always yours!
  • Normann Staffing handles all payroll, taxes, insurances, unemployment, workers’ compensation, disability, and employee benefits. You as a client pay just one fee. It’s another reason you will find Normann Staffing simple, easy and uncomplicated.
How do you qualify people you place with clients?

Normann Staffing’s screening process evaluates and qualifies all applicants, using the following steps:

  • Work History
  • Responses to these questions verify the credibility of an employee’s ability to commit to an assignment and helps us understand the experience and skills that were gained through an applicant’s past employment.
  • Behavioral Questioning
  • Responses to personality-based questions determine how well applicants will adapt to your company’s environment and react to workplace situations.
  • Attitude Evaluation
  • Evaluating the applicant’s present attitude as well as the attitude exhibited in previous positions helps Normann Staffing ensure that employees have the right attitude for the job.
  • Skill Validation
  • Candidates undergo technical questioning to identify their skills, as well as how, when and where they acquired these skills.
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Combining in-depth interviewing with employment history evaluations, Normann Staffing screens applicants to find the most reliable employees.
  • Skills Testing
  • Normann Staffing draws from literally hundreds of Pre-Valuate Online assessment tools to test candidates’ skills, ability and knowledge base for administrative, technical, engineering, industrial and many other employment opportunities.
  • Reference Checking
  • Normann Staffing conducts in-depth reference checking to verify a potential employee’s work history and evaluate their previous employer’s satisfaction in all aspects of the employee’s job performance in addition to verifying dates of employment, positions held, duties performed, rate of pay, reason for separation, and the employer’s willingness to rehire. Normann Staffing professionals dig deeper, assessing the quality of work, the applicant’s initiative and dependability.
  • Orientation Process
  • Immediately prior to an assignment, Normann Staffing’s team reviews with each candidate your company’s history, including policies, environment, schedules and more.
Do you provide for background checks, drug testing and health assessments? 

As part of the service to our clients, when requested, Normann Staffing performs criminal background investigations, drug testing, and health assessments on candidates. 

Why should we use Normann Staffing or any agency for that matter?

Most organizations can use extra help handling a surge in business or a seasonal bump but find it challenging to ramp up and hire in these situations. In other cases, good staff will need to step away for a period, and a temporary replacement is needed. In these and other cases, a staffing agency can provide the needed employees. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect if you turn to an agency in such situations:

Improved Productivity

Yes, your regular employees could possibly help handle your work overload. Temporary employees can alleviate the risks of burnout on the part of your permanent people, helping avoid costly mistakes, the effects of lower morale, and reduced productivity which can occur with overburdened workers. Bring on temporary staff and your permanent employees can continue to focus on their priorities and maintain their productivity.   

Try Before You Buy

With an agency temp, you can try out a potential permanent staffer before bringing them on permanently.

Decreased Costs

All temporary staff costs are the responsibility of the agency, which can reduce your overall HR administrative and payroll overhead costs. Even more, you avoid the direct overtime costs for permanent people who would have had to step in to handle the increased demand. You also avoid the indirect costs of mistakes by overwhelmed permanent staff.

Avoid Unemployment Claims

Because your temps are employees of the agency, you do not have to be concerned with the effects of part-time temporary workers filing for unemployment when their services are no longer needed. You not only avoid the direct costs but also the indirect costs that will occur if your administrative staff are spending time dealing with state labor department people.    

Increased Flexibility

Agency-sourced temporary staff provides your business with the ability and agility to flex its human resources based on changing needs. Whether it’s filling in for a staffer on maternity leave, providing an extra few hours a week, or bringing in a full-time person for a time, you can meet the situation easily by drawing on your staffing agency.

Normann Staffing is equipped to support you. In addition, Normann Staffing is committed to serve as your strategic partner, helping you and your teams manage the flux in personnel requirements.

The Industries We Work With

Accounting & Finance

From bookkeepers and accountants to billing specialists and accounts receivable experts, financial professionals are key players in any organization, large or small. Normann Staffing can help you find or fill critical accounting and finance jobs across the Hudson Valley.

Administrative & Clerical
Office staff members are the people who keep things running smoothly, the people who spot and fix problems before they even arise. That’s why there’s no compromising when it comes to administrative and clerical professionals. Whether you’re an administrative expert yourself or your organization is in need of an office professional, we’ll be there when it counts.
Skilled, experienced builders to get the job done right. If you’re a construction professional looking for your next opportunity or your company needs to find the right people for a special project or new venture, Normann Staffing’s job placement experts know the Hudson Valley’s construction market.
Human Resources
Need human resources professionals to make a positive impact on your organization? Are you an HR expert looking for the right opportunity to make a difference? You’ve come to the right place. Our recruitment experts take the time to get to know you and your needs in order to help HR professionals fit seamlessly into the region’s best organizations.
Light Industrial
Warehouse workers. Logistics experts. Assembly line members. It’s these people who keep things moving on the production floor and beyond. And having the right people in those roles is of the utmost importance. If you’re looking to fill light industrial jobs or you’re a light industrial professional ready to take the next step in your career, Normann Staffing is the light industrial staffing agency to turn to when it matters.
Whether it’s certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, LPNs, registered nurses, or non-clinical professionals, we can help your facility find the essential staff members it needs in a time when having the right people on board is more important than ever. And medical professionals can rely on our personalized, goal-oriented approach to find the perfect match with a local employer.
Skilled Trades
From plumbers and engineers to IT specialists and more, being able to access the unique skill sets of skilled tradespeople is indispensable for companies around the Hudson Valley. And for those in the skilled trades, finding work that is meaningful while also beneficial to their careers is the ultimate goal. Here at Normann Staffing, we understand that and make it our mission to serve as a trusted partner, every time.

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