Today's Job-Hopping Market

Tony Marmo
- Posted
March 17, 2018

Recent studies reveal we’re in a job-seekers market. With low unemployment, frequent job-hopping has become the norm, and employers are pressured to raise pay to keep workers. Quite a different scenario from a few years ago.

A new 2018 salary guide shows nationally salaries have risen 3% across industries since last year, making competitive pay to keep and lure employees more important than ever, says Jim Link, chief human resources officer at Randstadt North America which published the guide.

Competition for talent is high, workers can be choosier, and they are now out there looking – not because they are unhappy, but just to discover the next opportunity, says The Staffing Stream February newsletter.

Yes, salary is important as noted earlier, but here are other job-hopping motivators:

  • 40% of job seekers are looking for fresh challenges in a new job
  • Those amenities such as a lounge or pool table have become less important: 80% of active seekers would be willing to sacrifice amenities for the right job
  • The right job is important. More than 70% said they would work nights and weekend for the right job

“Employees are motivated to look for a new job for any number of reasons, including boredom, desire for a change of scenery or a new challenge. It’s also to be expected that most of the already employed are at least passively job seeking,” writes Hailey Canon in The Staffing Stream.

“Employees aren’t necessarily looking because they are unhappy; rather, they can keep their options open for the next opportunity that will advance their career.”