The Employment Picture

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July 11, 2018

The Wall Street Journal recently observed, unemployment is at "multidecade lows" jobless claims remain exceptionally low... providing evidence of a strong labor market. Our Hudson Valley counties are following that trend.

The state Labor Department reports the Dutchess-Putnam metro area at 3.6 percent in unemployment in May, the most recently reported period, versus 4.1 percent in May the year prior. Metro Kingston is 3.7 vs. 4.3.

With statewide unemployment of 3.7 percent, Columbia County was 3.2% third lowest in the state; Dutchess 3.6 (ranked 12th); Greene 4.4 (38th); Orange 3.9 (24th); Sullivan 3.9 (ranked 24th); and Ulster 3.7 (ranked 18th).

"It's great for the economy, but a challenge for employers," says Tony Marmo, president of Normann Staffing. Firms like ours are helping pull people back into the workforce."