See Your Job Candidates as Consumers

Tony Marmo
- Posted
September 16, 2017

The world’s most successful companies understand that today’s candidates are approaching the workplace as if they are shoppers. Therefore, for hiring success, it’s important to create a great customer experience.

Things have changed, writes Ed Newman in Recruiting Trends.

“Between World War II and the 1970s, job seekers would pay headhunters to help them gain employment in a company. Today, however, candidates know they are in demand, and expect to be wooed by an awesome experience,” he writes.

Here from an audit of the candidate experience at top companies are key points to help those of us who are hiring lure the prize candidates.

● Give immediate feedback. Consumers today get immediate feedback; as job-seekers they expect the same.

● Survey applicants about their experience. Surveys surround us as consumers. Employers should take notice.

● Personalize. The commercial space is personalizing, but many employers are not. Personalization is at the core here at Normann Staffing.

● Share reviews. As consumers, we look over reviews. It’s no different for candidates.

● Suggest similar opportunities. When buying on Amazon, you are offered similar products to be considered. Today’s candidates expect the same experience. As a staffing agency, we are perfectly positioned to do just that.

“It's clear to see that candidates desire a consumer-like experience as they search and apply for jobs and research a company's culture. The problem is that most companies are failing to give this experience to them,” the writer observes.

Together with Normann Staffing, we can amplify your hiring success by treating prospective employees as if they are customers!