Saluting Rondout Savings - Client Testimonial of the Month

Tony Marmo
- Posted
November 20, 2017

In a new feature making its debut this issue, we’re saluting clients that we’re proud to support. We were delighted to welcome James F. Davenport, president and chief executive officer of the 149-year-old community bank, at Normann Staffing headquarters in Kingston.

Rondout Savings shares with Normann Staffing a deep commitment to our communities, providing financial support, boards of director leadership and volunteers,” says Tony Marmo. “It’s an institution that we bank with, that many of our headquartersand field employees use personally, and one that we are privileged to support with temporary staff.

Jim Davenport saluted Tony and Normann Staffing for providing “innovative solutions to meet the staffing needs of existing and new clients in an expanded market footprint.” He added that Tony exemplifies a ‘Pay It Forward’ mindset, so needed from all categories of business, especially from locally owned companies.”