Looking For a Few Good People? We're Here to Help[

Tony Marmo
- Posted
September 20, 2017

Recent media reports underscore what we’re seeing first hand. There are more jobs than people qualified to fill them. This makes employment agencies more important than ever.

The national and state job counts have continued to rise. In New York State alone, we’ve had continuous private sector job growth with August marking the fifth consecutive month of growth. So reports the State Department of Labor.

Another recent analysis pointed to a record number of job vacancies in the nation. “The high number of openings underscores the challenges that some employers have filling positions, eight years after the recession, especially for jobs that require specialized skills,” says Business Insider.

It’s a challenge faced all over, and not an easy one to resolve. But we’re here to assist. At Normann Staffing we are constantly seeking employees who are changing their status or relocating to this region.

We’re here to help!