Keeping Workers

- Posted
July 11, 2018

Bringing in Normann Staffing and improving recruiting techniques is one way to find people, but how do you keep workers in a tight labor market? There are some things employers can do.

One answer comes from Sara Stringer writing "Create the Environment Employees Want to Work In," which appeared in a recent The Staffing Stream newsletter.   

  • Add benefits to your break room.: Water coolers, coffee and tea service, even providing lunches are a way to say thank you to your staff. All situated in break room, such benefits nurture office relationships and encourage employees to save their money by skipping a coffee run in the morning or leaving for lunch.          
  • Employ natural lighting. :Studies show that fluorescent lighting contributes heavily to headaches and tension in the body. Not all spaces can get away without the use of fluorescents but in the rooms that can, encourage the use of natural lighting. The great thing about this is your employees will respond positively and you can save a bit of money on the electric bill.   
  • Nurture workplace wellness. Healthy amounts of exercise and watching how they eat leads fewer sick days, fewer vacation days and better productivity. Workplace wellness programs are a trend that we continue to see grow and grow.
  • Offer counseling when things get hard.: Life happens. Tragedies occur. People break down under pressure. Having a workplace counselor is a fantastic way to take care of your employees. It gives them a safe place to release all that has happened and can learn about coping skills and work through some solutions.   

How Normann Staffing Can Help

We are often a good bridge between the stresses that employees feel and the challenges that our client management face. We can and do step into the situation as a friend, mediator, and resource helping both our employees and clients concentrate on getting their jobs done.