How to Avoid the Hiring Mistake Every Company Makes

Tony Marmo
- Posted
November 20, 2017

There is one hiring mistake that virtually every company makes. It’s so prevalent that most don’t even realize they’re doing it. The mistake? Let’s say a new vacancy or some other internal change occurs, and the job search begins.How’s that a mistake?

Reacting to the change, you determine a new hire is needed. New job descriptions are drafted. The position is advertised on various websites. You wait. You collect and sort the resumes, schedule interviews, juggle your schedules and begin the interview process.

Meanwhile, your people do their best to make up the slack, whether it’s the gap caused by a staff departure or a need generated by new opportunities.

There is a better way, says HR expert and author Alexandre Pachulski in RecrtuitingTrends. So, what’s the better way?

“Scout for talent all the time, not just when you think you need it.”

There are several procedures you can follow so that you are ready when the need arises:

Encourage employees to refer talent

Keep an open invitation for people to apply

Call on us

In today’s tight labor market, Normann Staffing is a great resource. We can often help when the need arises.

As illustrated by the above photo, we’re constantly actively interviewing candidates for our clients. Most recently, we participated in the Hudson Valley Help Wanted Fall Job Fair in Orange County late October and held a Normann Staffing Job Fair with the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce.

We’re continually searching and interviewing. We’re always identifying people who are ready to “move up” as well as those seeking to re-enter the labor force.

But we’re not content to simply fill a slot. Our goal is that “perfect fit” between employer and employee.