How a Staffing Firm Helps

Tony Marmo
- Posted
September 18, 2017

At Normann Staffing, we are distinguished as the employment agency “where people make the difference.” That’s true now more than ever—in an era where prospective workers are in tight supply and the human touch has given over to technology. 

recent analysis in The Staffing Stream, points to two powerful ways that agencies help employers, especially when people are hard to find. We like the reasons, because they play to Normann Staffing’s “people” strengths.

● Connecting with candidates and keeping the recruitment-hiring process going. As you well know, keeping the conversations with prospective employees going is time consuming.

● Providing personalized conversations versus treating prospects as another entry in a database.

In sum, “personalization is a powerful strategy that gives [staffing] firms a competitive advantage, especially during a global fight for talent, because candidates will remember the quality service and will return to the same agency for their next opportunity,” observed writer Steve Vittorioso.