Employee Report: Clients Pleae Take a Bow

Tony Marmo
- Posted
March 17, 2018

We recently surveyed the employees that we place with you, our clients. They like us as their employment agency. And surprise! They like you, the clients!

Said one, “I chose Normann Staffing for the job opportunities available.” 

Another, “The quality of assignments make all the difference when [Normann Staffing is] compared to other agencies.”

Another replied when asked, why did you choose Normann Staffing? “You have a great list of employers. And I know several people who got their permanent jobs through you.

Answering, what makes Normann Staffing different, the same employee wrote: “You have the best employers in Ulster County and adjacent counties.”

Another employee reports, “I love that Normann Staffing places me in positions that are a good fit for me. Even when I don’t think I’m a good fit [Normann Staffing] has been right every time.”

Others point to “great job openings” … “long term positions”… and repeatedly the “good fit.”

Internally, we heard our employees saying they liked us for these reasons:

  • Friendly, helpful, respectful agency staff – like family…warm…welcoming
  • Good synergy in the office
  • Treating employees with the same responsiveness normally reserved for clients
  • The staff and the quality of assignments make all the difference when compared to other agencies.
  • Accommodate the positions I am comfortable with and that fit the hours I am available to work

Our turn to take a bow.

“Thus far, I rate my experience with five stars. I truly feel this is a great working environment and I look forward to my future with Normann Staffing.