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Job Qualifications:

**$200 SIGN ON BONUS**

Schedule and Pay:

  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm
  • Pay: $16.50/hour, Potential for Overtime
  • Possible Temp to Perm
  • Location: Beacon, NY

Job Description:

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Under the immediate supervision of the Spreading Department supervisor, sets up and operates spreader equipment coating fabrics with a wide variety of rubber materials.
  • Proceeds according to instructions on specification and process route sheet reports.
  • Gets materials from makeup bench (uncoated fabric) or from storage (previously coated, but unfinished state).
  • Weighs and records weight of coats on process route sheet.
  • Checks and records the gauge on the PRS when so indicated by specification.
  • Uses variable knife, scraper and dip tank method in applying fabric coatings.
  • Applies coatings to first or second side of fabric.
  • Cleans spreaders and auxiliary equipment.
  • Calls supervisor’s attention to machine, equipment or process irregularities.
  • Fills out requisition and report forms.
  • Performs related duties pertinent to the job including miscellaneous cleanup activities, sewing up torn material, sewing up and/or replacing torn aprons, etc.
  • Assists in employee training of machine operation and job responsibilities.
  • Must be RCRA trained within 6 months of employment.
  • Operator is required to move all hazardous waste to 90 day containment area and empty all satellite accumulation areas daily.
  • The spreader operator is also responsible for the quality of the products he or she is processing.
  • The operator must report any defects in any product or raw material to the immediate supervisor before beginning processing.
  • Once a roll is processed, the operator who processed the defective roll accepts responsibility for the roll.


  • High school diploma or equivalency diploma is required.
  • Technical or trade courses are preferred.
  • Previous experience as a machine operator within a manufacturing environment is preferred.
  • Read, understand and write English proficiently.
  • Basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
  • Read snap gauge and feeler gauge.
  • Read stop watch, temperature gauges, etc.
  • Applies common sense and understanding to the job.

Job Duties Include:

  • Under the general supervision of the department supervisor, run the spreader machine to apply liquefied compound to material per specification.
  • Secures required material on which the liquefied compound is to be spread, as per specification.
  • Secures drums of liquefied compound from the churn room or storage location and brings back to the spreader.
  • Starts and sets up the spreader to include setting zone temperatures as required by specification.
  • Applies liquefied compound to the material per specification, applying additional coats or coating opposite side as required.
  • Sets up the dip tank and runs material through the dip dank process as required by specification.
  • Cleans spreader rolls and knife, etc. Examines and re-tapes idler rollers and drums, depending upon colors to be run (if previous color run was black and a light color is to be run, a total machine cleanup and re-taping is essential). Cleanup is usually initiated by operator’s judgment or supervisor’s instructions.
  • Performs related duties pertinent to the job including miscellaneous cleanup activities, sewing up torn material, sewing up and/or replacing torn aprons, etc.
  • Cut and label samples for laboratory and quality control.
  • Unload material and shut equipment down.
  • Complete required forms and record information on the route or spec sheets in the time required.
  • Ensure that quality standards are being met and that product being produced will meet those standards.
  • Follow plant/departmental housekeeping procedures including keeping your equipment and area clean and maintained properly.
  • Comply with all safety procedures and attend all scheduled safety training.
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including full uniforms as supplied by the company, steel toed shoes, safety glasses and ear plugs in required areas at all times. Uniforms are not to be taken home under an circumstances for washing.
  • Remain alert to your surroundings and report any material, equipment abnormalities, malfunctioning tools and material issues to your group leader or supervisor immediately.
  • Assist in employee training of machine operation, job responsibilities, quality standards, housekeeping, and safety procedures.
  • Participate in inventory activities.
  • Train new Spreader Operators in all area’s of the Spreader Operator position so they are able to become fully proficient Spreader Operators.
  • Required to work overtime as scheduled.
  • Perform other miscellaneous work duties as assigned to fully utilize time or as pertinent to the job.

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