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  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM
  • Pay: $110K/yr
  • Status: Permanent
  • Location: Hyde Park, NY

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The Director of Children’s Services provides leadership that aligns with the Agency’s mission and vision to the Children’s Educational, Residential, and Behavioral Departments. This position oversees and ensures students receive quality educational, habilitative, and recreational services as directed by the individualized educational plan and ensures the programmatic structure meets state and federal regulations.  


To actively further the agency’s mission to optimize quality of life (QofL) for individuals served by monitoring and implementing systems that promote the QofL of the individuals in our care.

The Director of Children’s Services directly supervises the Principal, IEP Coordinator, Children’s Program Specialist, and the Children’s Behavioral Services Supervisor.
Provides regular, consistent supervision.

  • Schedules routine meetings to monitor progress and assist with department goals.
  • Conducts performance evaluations as per agency protocol.
  • Provides ongoing oversight, feedback and direction regarding department operations.
  • Ensures that record-keeping, such as data, student records, time sheets, logs, checklists, etc., are maintained timely and accordingly.
  • Monitors the assignments and scheduling of staff.  Utilizes overtime, per diem staff, and staff deployment consistent with program and service needs of the students and budgetary requirements.

The Director of Children’s Services oversees the design and implementation of programs and services that support the agency’s mission and values.

Ensures that school and residential programming are designed and implemented to meet the agencies goals and objectives.

  • Evaluates delivery of services to ensure individual objectives are being met.
  • Monitors to ensure there is consistent carryover of program objectives and services between school and residential settings.
  • Ensures regular faculty meetings to address concerns, data analysis, and programming.
  • Solicits new ideas and cultivates team initiatives and planning.
  • Coordinates with Chief Operating Officer on all matters of programming and staffing.
  • Conducts and/or participates in team meetings as required to ensure systems and practices are implemented and maintained.
  • Assists in ensuring effective communication between management and staff.
  • Models, fosters, and conveys an environment that facilitates a sense of teamwork and positive morale as well as good public and community actions.The Director of Children’s Services ensures administrators and staff receive appropriate professional development opportunities as part of individual professional growth and capacity building.

  • Works with administrators to ensure that all staff remain current with professional development and mandated trainings.
  • Provides and/or participates in training when needed.The Director of Children’s Services directs the functions and activities necessary to ensure that all programs are operating according to NYSED, OPWDD and/or OCFS regulation and agency policy and procedure.

  • Provides oversight to ensure the coordination of consistent services between all departments.
  • Provides oversight to ensure accurate and appropriate data collection for all educational programs and services as defined by agency policy and procedure.
  • Works closely with administrators to support and sustain the interdisciplinary model.
  • Ensures staff remain current on transition planning and adult placement paperwork requirements.
  • Ensures that classrooms and residences are maintained in a manner characterized by individuality and choice.
  • Conducts routine observations in classrooms and residential settings.
  • Ensures regular faculty meetings with all staff to address concerns, data analysis and programming.
  • Monitors the assignments and scheduling of staff to ensure individual and program needs are being met within budgetary requirements.
  • Ensures administrative staff adhere to all agency policies and procedures.
  • Periodically reviews and updates SOPs and submits any changes to CC for review. The Director of Children’s Services is responsible for ensuring that program budgets are within approved guidelines.Responsible for preparing tentative budget estimates for all programming areas.
  • Responsible for approving purchases that optimize the quality of life of the individuals we serve.
  • Responsible for monitoring and operating within the approved budget.
  • Provides oversight of the management of department expenditures and resources in alignment with the budget.The Director of Children’s Services is responsible for ensuring that all reporting requirements mandated by regulatory agencies are adhered to.

Ensures internal quality assurance systems meet all agency and regulatory requirements.

  • Reviews all compliance and monitoring reports.
  • Ensures timely response then implementation of plans of corrective action when deficiencies are identified.
  • Ensures timely reporting of reportable incidents.  Participates in the investigation process when indicated.
  • Oversees new compliance initiatives.


Master’s degree in Special Education, NYS certification as SBL/SDL. Sufficient experience and knowledge to satisfactorily perform the responsibilities of the position.This position description in no way states or implies that the responsibilities listed are the only duties to be performed by the person filling this position.  The person in the position may be required to perform other duties as necessitated by the situation or requested by his/her supervisor.

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