About Normann Staffing

**Normann Staffing has gone virtual until further notice, and most internal staff members are working from home. We are currently hiring for several positions and conducting video interviews for new applicants. Our goal during this unprecedented time is to keep all employees safe and healthy while maintaining high-quality service levels for our clients and employees. Please click on Jobs for a full list of current openings. Be safe, and we look forward to hearing from you.**

Normann Staffing is a private employment service that has been providing temporary and permanent staffing to organizations in New York's Hudson Valley since 1980.

Recognized as the region's premier staffing agency, Normann Staffing has represented more than 300 current and former client organizations and employed more than 3,000 staff in Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Greene, and Columbia Counties.

Tony Marmo - President and CEO of Normann Staffing

Perfect Fit Matching

The locally owned Hudson Valley firm stands apart for its integrity, commitment to service and perfect-fit matching of employers and employees. At Normann Staffing people make the difference.

Normann Staffing is not just a vendor, but a partner dedicated to supporting clients through fluctuations in demands and revenues. Personnel placed by Normann Staffing serve as seamless members of client organizations.


The business was founded by husband and wife team, Robert and Lorraine Normann. In May 2014 the leadership, management and ownership of Normann Staffing transferred to Anthony P. Marmo.

Tony has been a leader in the Hudson Valley civic life since 1980. He has been a healthcare executive for 37 years, including service as director of human resources at Kingston Hospital and subsequently as its chief executive. Since 2005 he has managed several long-term healthcare and nursing home facilities. In addition, Tony has been a director on the board of many regional not-for-profit groups including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

First Stop for Employers and Job Seekers

Because of its legacy and reputation, Normann Staffing has long been the Hudson Valley’s first-stop for people seeking employment and the go-to resource for all staffing needs.

In today's economy, Normann Staffing and other private employment agencies play an increasingly important role. They provide the entry point for individuals seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce as well as a resource for employers seeking to grow staffing in an unpredictable economic climate.

As the global International Confederation of Employment Agencies (CIETT) states, the emerging importance of staffing services holds the promise of "a job for every person and a person for every job."

Benefits to Employers

Normann Staffing understands employers, making it easy for you to find motivated, capable people. In addition, Normann Staffing can manage and administer all aspects of your staffing - from payroll and HR compliance to employee supervision. Most important of all, Normann Staffing is your staffing partner.


As your partner, Normann Staffing works elbow-to-elbow with you, helping you navigate the swells and dips in personnel requirements.

Normann Staffing is aware of your budgets, timelines and current needs.  

This includes:

  • Keeping expenses reasonable
  • Understanding the need to ensure that the people who are placed with you, will represent the "face" of your company
  • Making changes in your staffing as your requirements change


Clients know they can depend on Normann Staffing. Based on experience over the years, they know Normann Staffing can be depended on for honesty, integrity, discretion and confidentiality. All of Normann Staffing's own employees and the work placed with clients have executed non-disclosure agreements.


Clients depend on great customer service and exceptional responsiveness. They know firsthand that Normann Staffing service is fast, timely, personal and professional.


Normann Staffing remembers its clients and recalls their needs. Clients returning to Normann Staffing -- year after year, even decade after decade -- find that Normann Staffing not only remembers their unique needs, enabling the firm to respond with agility and speed.


Normann Staffing makes hiring easy.  From needs-assessment through the search, recruitment and perfect fit employer-employee matching to management and HR administration, Normann Staffing makes the process uncomplicated, focused and customized.

Perfect Fit

Clients count on the Perfect Fit between their organization and the Normann Staffing-placed personnel. They benefit from quality people with experience and capabilities who are aligned with your work environment and culture.

Benefits to Employees

For those seeking work, Normann Staffing places people in great jobs and helps guide your success.
The Normann Staffing evaluation process assures that your capabilities are known and understood. Whether the position is temporary or permanent, you have confidence that you can succeed wherever you are placed.
As an employee you

  • Pay no fee
  • Enjoy top pay rates
  • Receive your pay the same week worked
  • Eligible for referral bonuses


  • You can choose how and when you work - whether as temporary, permanent, full time or part time
  • You have potential locations across the Hudson Valley
  • You enjoy schedule options - days of the week and hours of the day


Unless you join the client's organization, you serve them as a Normann Staffing employee.

  • You have Normann Staffing pay, benefits and options
  • Normann Staffing interfaces with the client
  • Normann Staffing is your advocate
  • You serve with pride as a Normann Staffing employee

Normann Staffing Mission

The Normann Staffing mission sits on four pillars. It is to:

  • Provide clients with temporary and permanent people who not only bring capabilities and skills that match the organization’s needs but also positive attitudes and reliability they can depend on.
  • Provide associates a beneficial employment experience.
  • Enable client organizations to fulfill their business goals and help the people who are placed with them to achieve their personal aspirations.
  • Continue the practices and policies that have made Normann Staffing the preeminent staffing company in the Hudson Valley.