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Normann Staffing is part of a very BIG story that is still unfolding.

Each year on average, more than 11 million Americans are participating in a global revolution in which 46 million people worldwide are placed in jobs by firms like Normann Staffing. According to the 2014 annual report of the International Confederation of Employment Agencies (CIETT), in 2013, the most recent year for which data has been compiled, U.S. staffing agencies employed 11.5 million people over 12 months, averaging nearly 3 million temp and contract workers per business week. [See CIETT 2013 Economic Report and American Staffing Association Fact Sheet]

Today, the very idea of career has changed from dedicating oneself to the same organization for decades followed by receipt of a gold watch, to a career path pieced together by various types of work.

Whether you call them temporary or casual staff, “temps,” contractual, seasonal, interim, contingent workers, freelance workers, self-employed or sole proprietors, there is a tsunami of individuals involved in a sea change of work life which has been called the gig life. This growing, flexible workforce – energized by economic conditions – is changing how both individuals and organizations think about jobs, careers and employment.

Many individuals in these part-time, temporary positions are increasingly delighted with a lifestyle that affords freedom and flexibility. Others are discovering what has become a "three-steps-to-personal-economic-success process": agency-to-job; temp-to-perm; permanent employment status, which can set off a multi-year career. At the same time, organizations faced with both unpredictable market forces as well as predictable seasonal shifts, are liking how temporary workers give them freedom and flexibility to adapt to change.

What Happened?

What started as a trickle in the 1940s when agencies stepped in with stop-gap, fill-in personnel has become a flood. Employers around the globe are increasingly relying on temporary staff to provide for their continuing needs. They turn to private employment services such as Normann Staffing to recruit and manage the talent pool. Agencies, now much more than the middlemen or brokers of the past, serve as a home base for both companies and individuals. Private employment agencies provide systematic and planned human resource solutions for client organizations. Staffing firms also serve as the employer of record, moving people into jobs when they need work. According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report the change involves helping people find work, helping companies find people, and helping nations adapt to tectonic changes in the structure of economies. Private employment agencies play a key role in navigating these changes.

Role of Agencies

According to the BCG report, private employment agencies serve as career agents for individuals, often providing training and helping people move from unemployment to work, from education to work, from job to job and from temporary to permanent jobs. Agency work creates jobs that otherwise would not exist and enhances the employability of individuals and the competitiveness of the companies they work for.

Private employment services are playing a big role. The 140,000 agencies in the world (13,910 in the United States) and their 863,000 agency staff (191,592 in the United States) are helping individuals, organizations, and national economies adapt to changes in increasingly volatile and complex economic forces. According to the BCG report, private employment agencies:

  • Help economies undergo change by reducing lag time between economic recovery and job creation

  • Help companies adapt better and faster to economic cycles

  • Offer a range of HR services, so the employers can focus on their core businesses

  • Enable the creation of job options and employment opportunities

  • Help reduce structural and frictional unemployment, with a better, faster match between supply and demand to create more job options without substituting permanent jobs

  • Draw people back to the workforce, thereby increasing the diversity of workers

  • Help individuals develop and improve skills

  • Field people who deliver decent work

Yes, Normann Staffing is a Hudson Valley resource for employers and people seeking work. In a larger context as a private employment agency, Normann Staffing is helping the region's economy move forward.

Tony Marmo 02-Jan-2015
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