5 Selected for New Dutchess County Jobs

Our day in Poughkeepsie Wednesday, Feb. 25 at the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce offices was remarkable and encouraging. Following a day of interviews, we are offering positions to two LPNs and three CNAs.

Even better I am happy to welcome people who reflect principles that are core to Normann Staffing: professional skills, positive attitudes and sound reliability.

Those we met with are focused on skillful care of the elderly.  They are committed to positive customer service and an attitude that goes far in any position. I like their feelings that patients in their care are to be treated with dignity. And they also reflect Normann Staffing's company-wide dedication to reliability - the importance of showing up and being to work on time. 

We will soon have four new members of the Normann Staffing team from Dutchess County and the fifth from Highland in Ulster County.

I'm looking forward to more good days ahead. If you or someone you know is interested in a new position, let us know. Normann Staffing is a great resource for anyone in the Hudson Valley who is seeking to improve their work life. We'll be interviewing again in Poughkeepsie March 11, and the door is always open at our Kingston headquarters. 

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