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Tony Marmo - Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Talking with a client the other day, we uncovered a metaphor that explains Normann Staffing and what's special about our firm – especially if you are an employer in this tight labor market.

We are fishermen. Actually, pretty good ones!

"Yes," we agreed, "all competing staffing agencies fish in the same pond - the regional workforce."

As anyone who has ever been serious about fishing knows, some anglers are better than others. Go spin casting one spring day and of all the anglers along the shore a few stand out with big ones in their creels.

Then there's one standing alone who is even head and shoulders above the productive ones. She or he is reading the environment, using a different lure, casting with a focus that shows in the results. Not taking every fish, either, but selecting the prizes that are beyond the state Dept. of Environmental Conservation minimums.

That's Normann Staffing. We're in the same workforce pool. But diligently reading the environment, focusing on individuals, keeping our line wet and reeling into our at-the ready inventory people who have experience and capabilities. We know how they work with others, and what conditions make them excel.

This works for our employers and for our employees. Matching good workers with good job situations.

It's like fishing!


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