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Get Ready for the Next Economy

Friday, February 27, 2015

If you are looking to change jobs or, perhaps, begin looking for one, get ready. If your organization is reaching out to find new and more people ─ or thinking of so doing, you also need to get ready.
Ready for what? You need to get ready for a major tightening up in employment. 
For the economy in general things are looking up. As the Wall Street Journal writer Greg Ip observed recently, economic demand is healthy. Businesses are "hiring at the fastest pace since 2000, consumer confidence is at prerecession levels and government austerity has come to an end," he wrote.
From our perspective at Normann Staffing, we can see these dynamics taking root here in the Hudson Valley. Employers are asking us to help them find good people at a greater rate than in recent years. We're seeing an increase in interest on the part of employee candidates we're speaking with.
But as The WSJ observed, there are some warnings on the horizon when it comes to the long term.
The number of people who are working or looking for work has fallen sharply since 2007. Why are there fewer people looking to work? One big reason is the number of baby boomers who have been retiring. Long term, significant shortages of workers may develop.
Meanwhile, there is no assurance employers will be onboarding those who are unemployed. They are holding out, not hiring just anyone, but seeking people with qualifications that match their needs.
We can leave solving the nation's big economic challenges to the experts. However, locally, these smoke signals reinforce the increasing importance that Normann Staffing and other private employment agencies play.
Agencies help employers find people with the skills they need. We help individuals find new opportunities by matching skills and experiences to employers that need them.
The mismatch between employers needing skilled workers and finding enough of these skilled people has not yet caused big problems, but it can, and most likely will. Now is a great time for both employers and employees to contact Normann Staffing, because both have the flexibility to explore their opportunities for the future.      Read More . . .

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